Assembly and installation

Over the past years, Wagenborg has built up an excellent reputation in the power industry. Below some reference projects regarding assembly ans installation.

Power plant Köln-Nielh, D

Transhipment, transport and installation with skidding and gantry system of generator (504t) and gasturbine (536t).

Substation Dörpen, D

Transport 2 Transformers (385t) and 8 Coolers (15t) from Bad Honnef upon installation at substation in Dörpen.

TenneT Ens, NL

Transport and installation of 3 transformers (326t) and 6 coolers (20t) from fabrication upto foundation.

Electrabel Rotterdam, NL

Installation of condensor parts inside power plant building at KW Electrabel Rotterdam.

Kraftwerk Stade, D

Transport and installation of steamturbine (45t), generator (40t) and auxiliaries.

Kraftwerk Lünen, D

Transport and installation of condensor, tubine parts, transformer (436t) and generator (462t) from manufacturers to foundation.