Related services and equipment

Factory to foundation

Construction of power plants is a logistic challenge. Every plant requires heavy and oversized components, such as generators, transformers, boilers and turbines, which are manufactured at suppliers all over the world. Transporting these components to the construction area requires specific expertise, as this often involves a variety of transport methods. Royal Wagenborg is able to combine these logistic services with our own equipment through our ‘factory to foundation’ concept. Wagenborg acts as the main contractor for the total logistic chain and is charged with responsibility for the whole trajectory, which optimizes logistic efficiency. This ensures that all heavy components will arrive safely and according schedule at the plant to be installed on foundation.

Our equipment

  • 180 multipurpose vessels
  • 1.700 - 23.000 DWT
  • ice classed
  • geared - gearless
  • 11 pontoons (inland and seagoing)
  • 660 - 20.000 DWT
  • 7 tugs up to 62 ton BP
  • Crawler cranes up to 750 ton
  • Mobile cranes up to 700 ton
  • Modular trailers
  • Heavy duty trailers, lowloaders and semi lowloaders