Heavy lifting

Over the past years, Wagenborg has built up an excellent reputation in the power industry. Below some reference projects regarding heavy lifting.

Kraftwerk Eemshaven, NL

Provision of LR1400 and LR1750 crawler cranes for assembly filter parts, steel construction, ducts and equipment. Absorber parts with 300t and 500t cranes. 

Kraftwerk Emlichheim, D

Lifting of boiler modules at bioplant with 350 tons crawler crane CC2200.

Poweo plant Toul, F

Lifting of boiler modules, stacks and aux. equipment with CC2800 as main crane, CC2200 as tailing crane. 

Kraftwerk Lingen, D

Rental of LR1400 and LR1750 for the assembly works of the boiler at new powerplant for a period of 12 months.

Maasbracht Claus C, NL

Lifting boiler steel construction, stacks and auxilliaries with LR1400 and CC2800.

Essent Moerdijk, NL

Lifting of boiler modules at new power plant. LR170 as main crane; CC2200 used as tailing crane.