Heavy transport

Over the past years, Wagenborg has built up an excellent reputation in the power industry. Below some reference projects regarding heavy transport.

TenneT substation Ens, NL

Transport of 3 transformers (326t each) and 6 coolers (20t each) from fabrication shop in Nijmegen up to foundation.

BFG Gent, B

Transport of a turbine, condensors and other ODC and general cargo from various shops in Europe to new building site.

Kraftwerk Wilhelmshafen, D

Transport and installation of transformer (298t) and columns from Nijmegen upon foundation.

Stenkullen, SE

Transport and installation of a transformer (260t) from Linz upon foundation in Stenkullen.

Oskarshamm NPP, SE

Transport of 6 innercasings (3 x 36t and 3 x 39t) from fabrication site Mülheim to NPP.

Kraftwerk Eemshaven, NL

Transport of power train equipment and condensors from storage to construction site RWE. Generator (462t).