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Heavy transport

In the power industry plants are being constructed at large scales. This means larger and heavier components, prefabricated modules and structural elements are manufactured, transported and installed. Royal Wagenborg is able to take care of transporting these heavy units at a lump sum rate. Our project department takes care of project preparation, engineering, project management and realization. Our heavy transport services vary from a simple flatbed transport up to and including a complicated multimodal transport project with our modular trailers. With our diverse fleet of transport units we provide our clients all over Europe with tailor-made transport solutions.

Conventional modular trailers

  • Propelled by prime movers
  • Variable driving height of 1,200 mm +/- 300 mm
  • Steering angles up to 60˚
  • Maximum axle loads of 36 Tons
  • For speeds up to 80 km / h
  • Unique 100-ton girder bridge with lengths up to 20.4 meters and widths up to 6.4 meters

Self-Propelled Modular Trailer (SPMT)

  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Variable driving height of 1,500 mm +/- 300 mm
  • 360˚ Steering angles
  • Maximum axle loads of 40 Tons
  • For speeds up to 5 km / h
  • Remotely controlled, wireless if desired