Subsea cable storage Eemshaven

Fast. Efficient. Cost saving.

Minimize downtime of offshore wind farms is crucial for energy companies. Having access to spare subsea cables at minimal cost and time is evident. Wagenborg and HICE combine their forces for specialized quality cable storage in the port of Eemshaven resulting in fast mobilziation and efficient cabling handling.

Strategic location...

Eemshaven is geographically well-situated for the offshore wind activities in the North Sea. Moreover, Eemshaven meets all maritime requirements and has the facilities regarding the assembly and shipping of wind turbines. Next ›

Open sea access

The port has become a base, marshalling and service port for offshore windfarms especially in the German neighbouring part of the North Sea. The port also plays a prominent role in the development of wind parks at sea during their construction and the subsequent maintenance of the wind turbines. Next ›

Deep water port/draught 14 m

Our terminal facility at the Julianahaven is 1,200 meters long with a width of 200-250 metres and a depth of 14.0 metres. Next ›

Unlimited access various...

At the southern part stevedoring firm Wagenborg operates a terminal, where several offshore wind projects were handled.  Next ›

+ 1.000m private quay

Our terminal facility at the Julianahaven has over 1.000 meters of private quay. Next ›

Covered and uncovered areas

Our facilities in Eemshaven with large storage areas, is perfectly suited to loading, unloading and transhipment of many types of cargo. Wagenborg offers 60.000 m2 of covered and 100.000m2 of uncovered storage areas. Next ›

Port Agency & Custom...

Wagenborg has many years of knowledge and experience within Royal Wagenborg in processing customs and other formalities within shipping administration. In the ports of Delfzijl/Eemshaven, Groningen, Emden, Amsterdam/Zaandam, and Rotterdam, our dedicated specialists have been acting as shipping agents for shipowners and freighters for many years. Next ›

Efficient cable handling

HICE provide a rental fleet of offshore installation equipment for flexible pipelines, umbilicals, and power cables. Our equipment pool includes basket carousels, reel carousels, reel drive systems, reels, tensioners, chutes, under roller drive systems, turntables and other ancillary installation equipment.

Storage equipment

Modular cable systems, turntables, baskets

Handling equipment

Cable engines, static coils, cable crane

Support equipment

Cable tracks, cable counters, cable chute

The modular subsea cable system is a solution for long and short term.

HICE has developed a concept for cable storage, installation and maintenance & repair. The core of the concept is to minimize handling of the cable from source (cable manufacturer) to application (offshore installation) and thus risk. Cable will be stored in an ‘assigned‘ basket, compatible with the MCS-components throughout the various stages between production and final installation. The modular turntable, together with separate project based baskets, is the ultimate solution for coilable and non-coilable cable storage.


Cables can be stored in baskets and loaded as per project requirements (temporary storage). Cable remaining from project(s) can be centrally stored for future purposes.

Turntable 400t

Suitable for different sizes of cable baskets up to 12.8 mtr and 400 T cable weight

Turntable 1.000t

Suitable for all types of baskets, with maximum 1000 T of cable weight

Project and owner cable storage impressions

Quality storage and transshipments

In Eemshaven, Wagenborg has modern multipurpose terminals with a total storage capacity of 160.000 m2. This capacity is divided in both uncovered and covered storage possibilities to guarantee the quality of subsea cables over many years. Our ISPS terminal and quayside services include a dedicated and private load-out quay of over 1,000m. This ensures quick and safe load-outs via vessels, our mobile or floating cranes and self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT).