Onshore and offshore
conductor driving

Conductor installation is another activity of Wagenborg . Involvement goes back a long way as Wagenborg was one of the first companies to introduce the IHC Hydrohammer for installing conductors offshore. This hammer concept holds many advantages over diesel-driven types, e.g. controllability of the piling process and environmental aspects.

Reduction of time and costs

For onshore applications, Wagenborg Foxdrill uses purpose-built trailers. These trailers ensure that the conductor is held in a vertical position as the hydraulic hammer drives it into the soil. Significant cost savings are realized as a drilling rig is not required. Also, this installation method allows for the entire operation to be undertaken off the critical field development path.

Hammer spread

Over the years, Wagenborg Foxdrill expanded its hammer spread. Currently the company owns state-ofthe- art equipment, such as IHC S-150, S-90 and S-70 hydraulic hammers. This piling equipment is available in many countries in the world and can be shipped at short notice.

Dedicated equipment

Wagenborg Foxdrill drives conductors under many circumstances, both onshore and offshore. To meet our customers’ requirements we partly develop our own equipment, such as torque systems or frames fitting perfectly to concrete cellars. With our latest torque system, we can make safe and fast connections without using costly power tongs.