Towage services

Wagenborg Offshore has excellent equipment for exceptional tug transports in extreme conditions, such as ice and shallow waters. Besides of their use in the Caspian Sea and the Don-Volga canal, our shallow draft tugs are extremely suitable for tug services on the Russian inland waterways.

These tugs are often used in the oil and gas industry for moving cargo pontoons between the drilling sites and the base. They are equipped with a crane, and therefore the tugs can also be used for anchor handling or maintaining beacons. We regularly use the tugs for assisting installation work on drilling platforms/objects.

Our ice-strengthened pontoons are cargo pontoons with the same ice strengthening as the ice-breaking supply vessels. They are designed for transporting various cargo, including cuttings, bore dust, bulk cargo, cement/barite, mud, drilling lubrication, oil-contaminated water and fuel. These unmanned cargo pontoons do not have their own propulsion, which makes them relatively light but with large deadweight.