Versatile fleet

Wagenborg Offshore is an international offshore specialist and we offer total logistics solutions worldwide. As part of the Wagenborg Group we have years of maritime experience and internationally acquired knowledge in the area of oil and gas related transport disciplines. We offer a diverse fleet.

Turn-key projects

Logistics turn-key projects for drilling sites enable Wagenborg to deploy all its disciplines. During assembly, disassembly and provisioning drilling sites, cooperation between the various Wagenborg companies is such that the client is offered the entire package of services as one - consultation with governments and stakeholders, equipment transport, setting up site management and organising provisioning.

Arcticaborg / Antarcticaborg
Arcticaborg / Antarcticaborg
Gross tonnage 1.453 tons
Nett tonnage 454 tons
Length over all 65,10 meters
Width 16,60 meters
Depth 4,40 meters
Speed 13 knots
Bollard pull 32 tons
Gross tonnage 618 tons
Nett tonnage 185 tons
Length over all 45 meters
Width 12,50 meters
Depth 4,60 meters
Bollard pull 24 tons

Specialist in shallow water

Wagenborg provides offshore services to the oil and gas industry worldwide. From the Dutch Continental Shelf to the Kara Sea and the Caspian Sea. Wagenborg is a specialist in shallow water. We have operated in the most extreme circumstances with wintery conditions and shallow water for many years. With our experience in ice and shallow water, Wagenborg is your ideal partner for offshore services.

Sanaborg / Serkeborg
Sanaborg / Serkeborg
Gross tonnage 1.520 tons
Nett tonnage 456 tons
Length over all 68,20 meters
Width 14,30 meters
Depth 5,10 meters
Speed 12,50 knots
Bollard pull 36,3 tons
Walk to work
Walk to work
Gross tonnage 3.750 tons
Length over all 79,43 meters
Width 15,85 meters
Depth 7,00 meters
Speed 12,5 knots

Gross tonnage 14 tons
Deadweight 55 tons
Length over all 25,80 meters
Width 9,00 meters
Depth 3,20 meters
Speed 10,50 knots
Bollard pull 29,5 tons
Kaynarborg / Kulanborg
Kaynarborg / Kulanborg
Gross tonnage 130 tons
Deadweight 39 tons
Length over all 24,80 meters
Width 9,00 meters
Depth 3,20 meters
Speed 10 knots
Bollard pull 17 tons