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Wagenborg Oilfield Services provides drill stem repair and manufacturing of drilling tools: 

  • Cutting and repairing of API threaded connections (Internal Flush, Full Hole, American Open Hole, Regular, External Flush, EUE, NUE, ACME, STUB ACME etc.)
  • Manufacturing of drill stem elements from Steel Grade 4145H MOD by API Spec. 7, API Spec. 5CT, GOST requirements.
  • Manufacturing of specialized equipment

We employ highly qualified specialists, our lathe operators have more than 20 years of experience in working with drilling and production equipment. All our products go through quality control – inspection, which consists of visual inspection and magnetic particle testing.

All our threads are cuprum coated and tool joint compounds are applied in accordance with customer requirements (Z-50,Z-50 Arctic Grade, KOPR KOTE Arctic Grade are available).and thereby increase impacts. The impacts will also due to the two-stage design increase impacts in horizontal wells. This double action energizer will also minimize jarring shock loads on working string and topside equipment.

Lathe works are performed by CNC lathe machines and lathe machines with hydrocopier devices. All the machines were manufactured in 2011 and 2012. The spindle drift ID of the CNC machines is 10 1/4” (260mm) and of the machine with hydrocopier devices - 12” (304.8mm).

It is impossible to cut a thread on a universal lathe machine with the quality and speed provided by the automated CNC machines. For example it takes 7 minutes to cut a thread NC50 with the spindle rotation of 400 rpm. Thus we achieve minimum surface roughness and precise dimensions of the tool.

All our metal cutting tools are purchased from international suppliers, such as Sandvik, Vargus, Iscar, Waverley Cutting Tools etc., which guarantees excellent quality thanks to advanced metalworking technology.

120 ton arctic power swivels

The Power Swivels are built in Houston, USA specially for arctic weather conditions. All the power swivel parts and units are placed in a container carrier serving as a ini- workshop. The container has a heating system and control panel can be placed outside for convenience.


Power swivels are widely used for casing exits, sidetracking, downhole fishing, workover, and other jobs worldwide. High pressure hydraulic oil pump is activated by reliable and proven Caterpillar diesel engine. All the fluids in the machine are specially selected for use in cold northern conditions. Together with power swivels we provide engineering support.


Power swivel operator-mechanic is responsible for uninterrupted operation of the units and for availability of diesel fuel for the pump drive.