Derrick modifications

Wagenborg Foxdrill has been involved in a variety of modification projects in recent decades. These projects start with a detailed analysis to offer the best possible solution. What is the client’s exact problem, which working method will be chosen, what equipment will be used, which safety issues have to be addressed, which team can perform the job?

For the execution of modification projects we have a variety of professional equipment to choose from, such as ultra-light rigging systems, floating gin pole and netting systems. Tools are available, such as hydraulic torqueing tools and dedicated winches. If required our engineers are able to design customized lifting devices. In case of complex projects we are able to train our people in combination with the proposed systems on our test mast.

Modifications are mainly executed by using rope access techniques. The majority of our personnel has been employed by our company for many years and is highly qualified, experienced and competent.

Typical derrick modification projects are:

  • Removal and reinstallation of crown block and/or crown-mounted compensator cylinders;
  • Installation of derrick extensions;
  • Derrick beef-ups;
  • Replacement and alignment of guide rails;
  • Replacement of pipe handling and drilling systems;
  • Bolt replacements;
  • Derrick windwall, heat shield and winterization;
  • Installation of vent lines;
  • Helideck perimeter netting installations