Rig inspections

Recently Wagenborg Foxdrill joined forces with BJ Consultancy, an inspection and consultancy company in the oil and gas industry with over 40 years of experience. We have the capability to inspect, modify and maintain complete drilling rigs and well-intervention equipment, both onshore and offshore.

Wagenborg Foxdrill offers complete derrick inspections, dropped-object surveys and survey services in accordance with API 4F and 4G.


Our inspections are performed in accordance with detailed checklists. These are based on the latest legislation and the experiences of ourselves and our customers. We are in close contact with the leading manufacturers in the industry, which ensures that our inspectors maintain their knowledge on the highest level.

Ever since our incorporation, customers are paramount to Wagenborg Foxdrill; we serve them quickly and efficiently. That’s why reports are clearly structured, to the point and written in the customer’s preferred language. Together with them we decide the standard that will be used for the inspection. Inspections are performed professionally by using tablets.