Rig move consultancy

Wagenborg Foxdrill is experienced when it comes to rig moving. The world’s rig fleet is rapidly increasing, the availability of competent riggers is limited and as safety requirements are higher than ever, there is a need for advice on all levels. Wagenborg Foxdrill has the knowledge, systems and capacity to support drilling contractors and oil companies. Transfer of knowledge can be achieved in different ways. Wagenborg Foxdrill offers clients the following products.

Rig-move manuals

A detailed description of the rig-move process, customized for every type of rig and based on field research during rig moves. Amongst other elements our manuals contain 3D lifting plans, MS Project plans, procedures and Task Risk Analyses (TRA). Where possible, photos are used to show the practical side of the procedures.

“Rig move on paper” sessions

During these sessions all the stakeholders of a rig move come together and discuss all the relevant topics in detail. This creates a theoretical blueprint of the rig move and reveals all the bottlenecks. This blueprint is the starting point for future rig moves; it is self-evident that it is changed in line with best practices.

Rig-move animations

To increase the competencies of drilling personnel, drilling contractors developed interactive training tools. Wagenborg Foxdrill supports this by creating complete animations of rig moves from 3D drawings.