A high welfare standard

The vessel is designed for offshore service technicians who are not used to sailing. The hull shape and roll damping thrusters avoid seasickness. Together with comfortable cabins, welfare facilities and good catering a pleasant working and living environment is evident. Sound and noise levels are taken into consideration during DP operations and transfer operations. For instance the Voith Inline bowthrusters are extremely low-noise resulting in a COMF-NOISE 2 and COMF-VIB 2 class notation (Bureau Veritas).

The modern and stylish accommodation area for staff contains 40 off single MLC compliant daylight cabins of minimum 10 m2, with a dedicated sanitary unit incorporated and the following (loose) furniture: Bed (2,2 x 0,9 mtr), Table + chair, Split closet, 2 small lockable drawers and Ceiling height minimum 2,1 metres.


Each cabin is equipped with Internet connection: wireless, LAN and private LAN, TV + TV package, Movie system with large variety of movie, Information system for distribution of information through TV, 4 power outlets, Telephone for external calls (outside SOV), Entrance through card system.


Other design principles


The Walk to Work vessel is designed and optimised for efficient offshore operations. The unique combination of design and functions makes the Walk to Work vessel unmatched in efficiency year round.

Stepless approach

The layout of the vessel has been completely adapted to the workflow of technicians and cargo. An unimpeded flow  guarantees safe movements of materials and personnel.

Safety & sustainability

The Walk to Work vessel is developed for safe and sustainable offshore operations using multiple motion compensated elements and autonomous crafts.