Walk to Work: an introduction

The new standard in offshore support and maintenance

In close consultation with the offshore industry Royal Wagenborg and Royal Niestern Sander developed a Walk to Work vessel specialized for maintaining offshore wind farms and oil & gas platforms. By combining the knowledge and experiences of Wagenborg as a shipping company, Royal Niestern Sander as shipyard and clients in the offshore industry  a unique design is born. Discover how workability, comfort and a stepless approach inspired her design.


The vessel's concept and design principles


The Walk to Work vessel is designed and optimised for efficient offshore operations. The unique combination of design and function make the Walk to Work vessel unrivalled in efficiency year round.


The Walk to Work vessel is developed for technicians who are not used to sailing. A proven hull shape, a special propulsion system and comfortable facilities on board result in a high level of comfort on board.

Stepless approach

The layout of the vessel has been completely adapted to the workflow of technicians and cargo. An unimpeded flow  guarantees safe movement of materials and personnel.

Safety & sustainability

The Walk to Work vessel is developed for safe and sustainable offshore operations using multiple motion compensated elements and autonomous crafts.

“We are very satisfied with the design, technical innovation and the benefits this Walk to Work vessel brings our customers”



Offshore Wind

Get in depth with background information on the Walk to Work vessel in the offshore wind industry. 

Oil and Gas

Drive into key facts about the performance of the Walk to Work vessel. Find everything you need. 



Walk to Work: an introduction

The building process

Walk to Work: the documentary


Company profiles

Royal Wagenborg

Over more than a century, Royal Wagenborg has become an all-round logistics partner that offers integral solutions for the most complex situations. By continuously broadening and expanding our services, we have become a global player that is specialized in tailor made solutions for logistics.

Royal Niestern Sander

Shipyard Royal Niestern Sander is located in the Northern part of the Netherlands with a direct connection to the North Sea via the port of Delfzijl. A significant area of the Delfzijl port accommodates this modern and versatile shipyards.