An exemplary door-to-door
logistic project

Chemgas Shipping, based in Rotterdam, is building a coaster at a shipyard at the Winschoterdiep in the Netherlands. Inside this coaster two huge LPG tanks will be installed. These are manufactured in Willebroek, Belgium. But how to get these LPG tanks from Belgium to the north of the Netherlands and how to install them into the new built coaster? Two challenges where Royal Wagenborg knew a solution...

Royal Wagenborg offers a diversity of logistic services with state-of-the-art equipment to offer door-to-door logistics, perfectly suited for projects like these. The first part of the project involved the transport of the LPG tanks from Willebroek to the Winschoterdiep. The second part of the project concerned the lifting and installing the tanks inside the coaster.

For transporting the two LPG tanks, weighing 190 and 360 tonnes, Royal Wagenborg put Wagenborg Barge 1 and several tugs into action. First Wagenborg Barge 1 was prepared for the roll-on/roll-off (RORO) loading operation of the LPG tanks in Willebroek in the northern Dutch port of Delfzijl. Upon completion the barge was towed to Belgium by the tugs Waterpoort and Waterlelie. Here the tanks were driven successfully on the barge by means of Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT). After sea fastening the tug Waterman could set sail for destination Delfzijl. Upon arrival, the transport was handed over again to the tugs Waterpoort and Waterstad, which transported the tanks over the Eemskanaal to Groningen.

Meanwhile the new build coaster was also towed from the shipyard in Foxhol to Groningen, where the LPG tanks also would be delivered. At the quayside a 700 tonnes mobile crane and a 300 tonnes sheerleg were mobilized to lift the tanks in the coaster. Upon arrival of the coaster the smallest tank was lifted carefully inside the vessel by the sheerleg Triton. The large tank was installed subsequently by means of a tandem lift by the ‘Triton’ and the 700 tonnes mobile crane. The coaster returned to the shipyard, where the construction could be finished.