Pile gripper tool to Esbjerg

Wagenborg has deployed her services for an extremely challenging project for one of her clients. Within a very short period of three months, a so-called Pile Gripper Tool, including a hydraulic HSD-frame, has been manufactured, preserved, transported and mobilized to Esbjerg (Denmark), where the pile gripper has been installed on a wind-turbine installation vessel the ‘Pacific Orca’. Wagenborg performed the transport of the pile gripper from Middelburg to Esbjerg. Wagenborg has made a significant contribution to the successful completion of the project.

The pile gripper tool is developed as instrument to keep monopiles for wind turbines in the correct position during placement at sea. The pile gripper has a total weigh of an impressive 200 tonnes. It’s 14 meters wide and 32 meters long. After driving the pile gripper out of the construction hall, Wagenborg placed the pile gripper upon prepositioned construction beams, with a 400 and a 250 tonnes mobile crane.

One week later, the complete construction had been loaded with a 700 and 500 tonnes crane upon Wagenborg’s m.v. Westborg, a 3.600 tonnes Icerunner from the Wagenborg fleet. After sea fastening, the pile gripper could start her journey to Denmark, where she was installed on the ‘Pacific Orca’. 

The entire project has been completed to the satisfaction of all parties, within the agreed time schedule of three months. We can look back on a nice and wellmanaged project, in which Wagenborg combined her strengths in a unique way.