Enclosed space entry & rescue training

An alarming high number of deaths resulting from entering enclosed spaces on board is of increasing concern to the international maritime authorities. In the past three decades, around 1.000 people have died because of unsafe entry into enclosed spaces. Often these fatalities occur because basic procedures, such as permit to work systems, have not been followed. Far too often they are the result of ignorance and complacency, something Royal Wagenborg wants to prevent among her seafaring employees.

The hazards of entering confined spaces on board ships are ever present and, despite carefully laid down procedures, there is always the chance that rescueing injured personnel will be required. For this to be successful, it requires the right equipment on board and for the crew to be well trained in its use. Regular drills should be held to avoid surprises during an actual emergency.

Wagenborg Crew Management has developed dedicated training called “Enclosed Space Entry
& Rescue”. In the past we faced fatal accidents with enclosed space entry on board. To avoid such accidents we like to train all our seafarers in enclosed space entry and rescue. Awareness of the dangers of enclosed spaces and familiarization with the procedures of enclosed space entry and rescue are very important for all seafarers on board.

The management of all vessels within the Wagenborg Shipping fleet were requested to start this training. The training consist of three modules which can be trained together with all officers and crew. Next to that there are two extra modules which can be studied by officers who would like to reach an expert level. The training modules consist of video training material, case studies and text books. During the training some enclosed space entry and rescue exercises are held for practical training of the participants.

After completion of the training we believe our captains, officers and crew will be aware of the risks of enclosed spaces and are able and confident to enter enclosed spaces in a safe way and if necessary are able to execute rescues from enclosed spaces.