Health contributing to long term employability

A key condition to maintain a position as excellent (chain)partner for our clients as well as realizing long term employability for our employees is ensuring all our professionals are in a good physical and mental health. Our often physically demanding work makes keeping in good physical and mental condition an even bigger challenge and is an essential element in realizing a safe work environment. The initiatives mentioned below support the idea that instead of putting energy in curing, it is even better to focus on prevention of sick leave and accidents. Of course this applies not only to one’s long-term employability at Wagenborg but should also contribute to the overall wellness of all our employees!

Safe and responsible physical activity in the workplace

Although a good physical and mental condition is mostly a matter of personal responsibility, Royal Wagenborg has
taken several initiatives to help employees stay fit for duty. For example at Wagenborg Stevedoring a training course on “Safe and responsible physical activity in the workplace” has been offered to help our stevedores carry out their work with the least physical strain possible. Eric Wagenborg, Director Wagenborg Stevedoring, explains: “We seek to increase awareness regarding day-to-day physical activity at work and how to prevent potential physical problems thus ensuring everybody can enjoy a safe and healthy working life and, later on, a healthy and active retirement.” In addition to that, the quality of meals served during overtime has been improved considerably. The offered meals nowadays fit in a balanced diet and contribute to a healthy lifestyle of Wagenborg employees.

“We seek to increase awareness regarding day-to-day physical activity at work and how to prevent potential physical problems thus ensuring everybody can enjoy a safe and healthy working life and, later on, a healthy and active retirement.”

Our vitality route

Royal Wagenborg also pays attention to the mental health of her employees with the recent ‘vitality route’. The point of departure of this programme is to be constantly aware of situations influencing mental health. Workshops and personal coaching within the themes ‘sleep’, ‘food’ and ‘stress’ gave an insight and inspiration to enlarge the energy level and fitness, which are no luxury for employees of an international 24-hour business who often have to deal with irregular working hours, frequent long trips and risky work in which physical and mental health is essential for safe work. 

Jan Verheek, Chartering Operator at Wagenborg Shipping, explains: “Of course, for each person the course is applied differently. Personally I sleep rather well, so I did not need to improve on that. For me, the workshop about stress was particularly interesting. My job is often hectic, but by following the course I got some tips to handle work pressure in a better way!”.