The successful refit of the ferry 'Sier'

The refit had to be executed in 10 weeks. The project started with emptying the entire saloon deck, disassembling the sliding doors, changing the position of the stairs from saloon- to car deck, removing the existing HVAC installation and disassembling the equipment in each electrical switchboard. 

Next, the saloon was fully renewed - new interior, new lights, new sanitary facilities etc. - a completely new HVAC installation was installed and each switchboard was renewed for a good workable and reliable vessel for the next 20 years.


The council of the island Ameland was invited by Ger van Langen, director of Wagenborg Passenger Services, to see the progress of work on ‘Sier’ as this ship is their connection to the shore.

Week 3: finalizing the changed position of the stairs from saloon to car deck as well as the changed position of the stairs to access the toilets and saloon downstairs. Thereafter Esme Marine will start with the carpentry. Another activity is to repair the funnels


Week 5: All steelwork in the saloon decks has been finalized. From now on we will build up the saloon decks with the carpentry. In the coming week the exhaust pipes and funnels will be reinstalled into the vessel, the toilets will be installed. Hydro jetting the car deck will be finalized next week.

Last day in dock: all proceedings below waterline have been finalized. The new funnels are waiting to be placed back on board. In the coming weeks we will work on starting up the first systems of the main switchboards and building up the saloon decks with more carpentry.


The floorcovering has been laid in the saloon decks last week, just like the car deck which has  been installed with a whole new type of deck. In the last 2 weeks of the refit we will work hard to reboot all systems and check if everything is working according to the owner’s wishes.


The sea trials of ‘Sier’ were finished successfully.The captain and crew are satisfied with the updated controls and systems. Next week ‘Sier’ will be back on Ameland.