Again accommodation services prove to be succesful

Many offshore projects are situated in temporary locations, lacking accommodation facilities for the crews on site. Royal Wagenborg is able to offer a large number of units specially built to provide accommodation.

Recently one of the world’s major dredging companies approached Wagenborg to provide accommodation during a pipeline replacement project in the United Kingdom. As all floatels were already occupied in the Suez Canal Expansion Project, Wagenborg came up with another solution.

Wagenborg Barge 5 was equipped with accommodation facilities for 120 people and remained on site for three months. Additionally the flattop Wagenborg Barge 1 provided support during the project. 

The major challenges during the mobilization process were delivery in time and compliance with the regulations. In a mobilization period of only 4 weeks Wagenborg Barge 5 was converted from a flat top barge into a fully operational accommodation barge suitable for accommodating 120 people.

With the assistance of Holland Shipyards and the classification authorities, Wagenborg managed to
deliver the barge to the client’s full satisfaction within
the set deadline. 

By bringing together various kinds of expertise within the Wagenborg Group, Royal Wagenborg provided its client with a comprehensive package of additional services, such as the ballasting crew, operational crew for the accommodation barge and compliance with the applicable regulations.