Building valued
in the Baltic

The Baltic has always been a very busy and important market, with Wagenborg active in Sweden since 2001

Timber, pulp and paper – millions of tonnes. If it was up to Wagenborg, they would sail ships full of all types of pulp and paper from the Baltic region to the Mediterranean and North America. Bengt Meuller is Managing Director for Wagenborg Shipping Sweden AB. “First we sailed the Baltic Sea and then we sailed the Mediterranean”, he explains, “eventually, our ships made the Atlantic crossing and now we can be found on all the seven seas, by investing in larger, modern ships, intelligent combinations and a healthy dose of courage. Wagenborg Shipping used to have the northern European seas as its home base for many years.” 

Ships from the Wagenborg fleet have sailed between the Baltic area and the European Continent thousands of times. “Founding Wagenborg Shipping Sweden AB as a local branch office in the Baltic was quite a logical decision. Our primary task is to be the eyes and ears of the head office to the Scandinavian market and serve our Scandinavian customers even better”, says Bengt Meuller.

Focus on the South and East

The Mediterranean is one of Wagenborg Shipping Sweden AB’s primary markets today and will remain so in the near future. After the on-going democratization process in the north African counties, we believe this will remain a growing, dynamic region. “Already today, from Sweden alone we ship more than 500,000m3 of timber  to Northern Africa”, says Bengt Meuller. “Together with the head office, we are focusing on further developing the existing service to the East coast of the United States and the Great Lakes”. 

The business of Wagenborg Shipping Sweden

Currently our office is running two kinds of business: LOLO and RORO. The main focus of the first one is to handle the Scandinavian market and contracts for mainly the forest industry to fill our entire fleet and create new business”, explains Bengt Meuller. He continues: “One of the latest promising developments are our new contracts for shipping wood pellets from the Baltic states to the UK, involving our F-class and R-class vessels”.

Besides the various LOLO shipments, Wagenborg Shipping Sweden is operating and running a weekly shipping line with two B-class RORO vessels calling  the ports of Haraholmen, Bremen, Sheerness and Terneuzen and returning via Cuxhaven and Södertälje. The base of the liner service is a long term contract with Smurfit Kappa with an annual volume of 400,000 mt of kraftliner. This contract was renewed in October 2014 for another six years. “It is our task  to fill the free spaces left by Smurfit Kappa with third party cargoes by attracting new markets and more cargo. In this business we co-operate a lot with Wagenborg Projects & Logistics”, says Bengt Meuller.

A comprehensive approach to logistics

Within the Wagenborg Group intensive work is ongoing to take responsibility for an increasing share of the customers’ logistic chain. The objective is, via the coordination of various Wagenborg subsidiaries, to offer a comprehensive solution for door-to-door deliveries. “In Sweden, we have been successful with various new and innovative solutions, and in this way, we have gained considerable knowledge and experience in running various projects”, comments Bengt Meuller. “Therefore, we are now intensifying our efforts to link together our various areas of expertise to broaden our services and to make us a strong logistic partner for our customers. Not only today, but also in the future!”, concludes Bengt Meuller.