What's in a name?

The process of naming ships began thousands of years ago and was originally based on fear and superstition. Most ships were originally named to honor a god seen as able to provide protection. By pleasing their gods with this honor, ancient Greeks and Romans thought the gods would then offer the protection they sought. Christians would name their ships after saints looking for their protection.

There are two theories about the more recent tradition of giving boats feminine names. As belief in ancient gods faded, one theory states, using the names of goddesses changed to use of everyday female names instead. A second idea asserts the custom comes from the way some languages incorporate grammatical gender identifiers for objects. Ships were “feminine objects” in most European languages, making the use of female names more reasonable. Referring to ships as “she” is likely to originate from this. In addition, the tradition of female names suggests the presence of a woman, providing some comfort in a potentially dangerous situation.

Marietje Nora

Recently, this vessel was delivered to shipping company Danser-Van Gent, a family owned shipping company connected to Wagenborg Shipping as captain-owners. It is the fifth vessel in their current fleet. That this ship would get the prefix “Marietje” again, came as no surprise. Henk and Rita Danser, the founders of this shipping company, started this tradition back in 1981 when their first vessel needed a name. Initially the ship was going to be named “Grote Beer”(Big Dipper) but for reasons only known to Henk and Rita, this name was dismissed. So Henk suggested to use Rita’s first two names i.e. “Marietje Andrea”. A tradition was born. 

Their youngest son, Martijn Danser, is currently being guided by his father Henk to become captain on this vessel. Martijn’s daughter Nora completes the name. She is his and girlfriend Astrid’s first born child.

Length over all 136,10 m
Width 15,20 m
Depth 9,50 n
Draught 6,88 m
DWT 9.000 t
Gross tonnage 5.904 t
Nett tonnage 2.863 t
Capacity 387.400 cft
Speed 14 knots
Engine 2999 kW 9L27/38 B&W MAN-diesel