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A thorough introduction programme for new employees is considered to be essential to be part of the family.

Although Wagenborg has high-quality vessels, cranes, trucks and other equipment, this is not what makes the difference for customers. It’s the people at Wagenborg who are always willing to go the extra mile, with their knowledge, experience and above all their passion for the work and commitment to the family business. Wagenborg attaches great importance to this commitment and motivation and therefore regards a thorough introduction programme as indispensable.

The introduction programme is wide-ranging and focuses on different subjects. For example, new employees are of course given a specific introduction to their own workplace, which meets the required quality and safety standards, e.g. ISM requirements. In addition, “corporate introduction days” have been organised for all new employees since 2010.

During these corporate introduction days at head office in Delfzijl, new employees meet their colleagues from other offices and operating companies and become familiar with Wagenborg’s working methods. How do we work together? How, in your job, do you apply our core competencies: finding solutions, being enterprising and ensuring safety? The day is intended for everyone in the company – from drivers to directors – involves activities and provides an opportunity for internal networking. This encourages synergy between the different Wagenborg companies, creates mutual ties and increases cooperation.

The new colleagues are inducted into the “Wagenborg family” during a day-long programme. The underlying concept is that every employee should behave in such a way that guarantees his own safety and the safety of others. We also want to increase pride and professionalism to ensure that new employees feel right at home. And, based on the level of enthusiasm during the programme and the feedback received at the end, this day is for everyone a valuable start to their career at Wagenborg.

Skippers’ market

People introduce themselves for 4 x 4 minutes during a speed dating session with 3 to 4 colleagues. Everyone explains their own role at Wagenborg in a relaxed manner with the aid of an object or symbol that they have brought along.

Tour of the port of Delfzijl

Employees are taken on a tour of the port of Delfzijl, where the roots of the family business are still visible even today, on board a Wagenborg tug

Wagenborg’s strength

Our core competencies are explained interactively by means of short films, exercises, assignments and games. At the end of this section, groups of employees are given the task of illustrating the three core competencies and Wagenborg’s strength and recording this in a single photo collage. At the end of the programme, the collage is handed over to the directors.

CEOs Egbert Vuursteen and Rob Wagenborg

They talk about the history of Wagenborg and about what they do every day. Everyone is given the opportunity to ask questions. Evaluations have shown that this is one of the most highly valued parts of the day.