Simone ten

Human resource advisor Royal Wagenborg

Aged 37 and married to Jan Willem
Two children: Emma (5) and Julia (3)
Full-time enjoyer of life, both inside and outside Wagenborg. Her work and commitment are admirable and her modest attitude disarming. After a number of years moving round a number of employers, she found her niche at Wagenborg. She has now been there for seven year and takes a look back.

“From the first moment I got to know Wagenborg, everything fell into place. I was impressed by the pleasant, open and relaxed atmosphere and the varied nature of the job was exactly what I was looking for! Here I can be myself and speak my mind. I’m free to do my job and am trusted to choose a direction that I believe is right and develop my own initiatives. For example, I have been working on the corporate introduction day, Management Development classes, the introduction of competence management and a trainee programme. Together with two of my colleagues I have also made a start on organising Wagenborg Young Management meetings.


I remember it well: I had only been five months in the job and was taking part in my first DelfSail Festival. I was so proud of Wagenborg, even then! I had the feeling that I would be staying here until I retired. How do they do that in such a short time!? Wagenborg really appeals to me. There is a realisation here that work and private life should not be kept separate. If your private life is not going well, your work won’t go well either. In this company, they keep an eye out for that. When I joined Wagenborg, I was surprised how sociable and human everything was here. If you are ill, they don’t phone to check if you are really ill but if they can help you in any way.


What do I do in my leisure time? I like to be outdoors, cycling or just going for a walk in the forest. Especially now that I have children. I like to go to Schiermonnikoog. Enjoying the good things in life. Fun trips with girlfriends and the family, which has become increasingly important. And of course I enjoy food and drinks!”