Wagenborg Day

On a regular basis Wagenborg Shipping Sweden invites all customers, agents, ports and the Wagenborg Management Team to exchange thoughts, ideas and expectations in order to create a common future. This year the Wagenborg day was organized in Malmö, where 80 people attended and started the day with coffee in the new Swedish office. The day was spent at the famous Malmö high rise the “Turning Torso”, with a fantastic view of Skåne. During the day several presentations were held by both customers and Wagenborg Shipping, which was concluded in a common future plan after a discussion. Mr. Sture Öberg (Smurfit Kappa) thanked Wagenborg for the fantastic day; in turn Mr. Egbert Vuursteen (CEO Royal Wagenborg) thanked all parties for their participation, efforts and business.


The Wagenborg Day started with coffee and mingling after which managing director Bengt Meuller welcomed all participants to the full day’s programme. In the western part of Malmö, the venue for the presentations and discussions was the Turning Torso, Scandinavia’s highest building located on the old premises of the well-known shipyard Kockums. The fantastic view of the Öresund Strait and Malmö and its surroundings and Copenhagen in the distance was a beautiful sight. 


After lunch together a couple of hours were spent on joint discussions. The whole Wagenborg team was introduced and Egbert Vuursteen and chartering director Koos Zumkehr gave their views on the shipping market, the business and the challenges that our world faces. The representatives from the satellite offices, such as Montreal, Madrid, Piraeus and Helsinki, also gave brief presentations about their businesses and their parts in the organisation. 


In the second part some major customers explained their trade patterns and their needs for logistic solutions in the future. Quite a variety of commodities were covered both within the lo-lo and ro-ro sector and many different views were shown. 

David von Platen (left) having a talk with Linards Jaunzems from LatGran SIA
David von Platen (left) having a talk with Linards Jaunzems from LatGran SIA

With a better picture of our common world, a panel discussion was arranged with both customers and the Wagenborg team and an open discussion was held. This generated many different topics to be discussed and this all lead to a much better understanding from all participants and also some common topics and goals that will enable us to create a better future.

Before leaving the Turning Torso, the Hammarberg Family was invited to give a presentation about their 4-year circumnavigation of the globe in their sailboat “Hoppetossa” together with their young children. This gave some insight into a life still very close to our world.


After a long day the evening started with drinks at the Rosen Bar Malmö and thereafter transport to Flädie Mat och Vingård, Skånes own winery in a traditional setting in the countryside. A dinner with local wines and food was served along with musical entertainment from a famous entertainment group Stefan och Kim.

In a typically Swedish manner, Sture Öberg thanked Wagenborg for an interesting day. Egbert Vuursteen closed speeches by thanking everyone for their business and the feedback and concluded that the path to a common future was now set.