Technology & innovation

As one of the oldest and largest logistic companies in the Netherlands, Royal Wagenborg has always been a pioneer. Wagenborg undoubtedly takes its own course; there won’t be many companies in the world that will have one of their original vessels built into the very heart of their headquarters, the 114-year-old Dutch Tjalk “Liberté”. Established in 1898 in Delfzijl, in the north of the Netherlands, Wagenborg originally traded in “hout & zout” – wood and salt - in the Baltic region. Gradually, the company expanded into South Europe and the Mediterranean and in the nineties it started to go further afield to the Great Lakes of North America. More recently Wagenborg has extended its services to South America and Africa. In the late nineties the company also moved offshore and created Wagenborg Offshore.

Nowadays Royal Wagenborg employs around 3,000 people worldwide and manages 230 vessels, provides heavy lift and transport solutions and 250,000 sq m of warehousing space. And although we grow bigger and bigger we still continue to be at the forefront of developments, which we demonstrate in this 'technology & innovation' section.

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