Patrick Mollink

Corporate HSEQ Manager

Aged 44 and married to Karin


Three children: Mats (13), Tijmen (11) and Lune (7)

Personal challenge

Together with the HSEQ professionals within the Wagenborg companies I want to show all our colleagues that a small change in our own bevaviour can have a major positive impact on Wagenborg’s performance. In return we all get a more healthy and safe workplace and a better environment.

“I began my career at Wagenborg Foxdrill as an intern in 1995. Following that, I completed my graduation project at a sister company by merging the quality system and the HSE system. As a permanent employee, I then supervised the construction of an offshore drilling rig for Wagenborg in Norway. I learned a lot there: it was a perfect combination of theory and practice! Following this project, I took on the multifaceted role of planner, where I came into contact with many aspects of the business. Over the next few years, I had a variety of jobs, including Project Manager rig moves, Operations Manager and General Manager, a position that I held until last year. Currently, I am paving the way as Royal Wagenborg’s first Corporate HSEQ Manager.

Wagenborg has a lot of knowledge in the area of HSEQ, but its application still varies between business units. Because Wagenborg’s Board attaches great importance to the health of its employees, it is essential to adopt a uniform approach in this regard. It is my role as Corporate HSEQ-Manager to direct this process, forge links and encourage the Wagenborg companies to make as much use as possible of each other’s knowledge and working methods. My ambition is to expand aspects that are already going well and make improvements where required. I realise that this will not be an easy task.

What do I do in my leisure time? I’m quite sporty: I like skiing, running, mountain biking and cycle racing. For example, I’m planning to cycle the Alp d’HuZes next summer. I have always thought that health was an important element in my life. However, as the result of a recent setback in this area, I realised even more how precious good health is. That’s why I’m committed to maintaining not only my own health but also the health of my family, colleagues, friends and other people around me.”