Bor Dubbel

Testimonial: second engineer Kroonborg

“Previously, I sailed on the Rijnborg and the Schieborg. I’m now sailing on the Kroonborg and that’s a whole lot more challenging for me as an engineer because of the modern technology on board. Whereas the Rijnborg and Schieborg actually only have one big main engine, the Kroonborg has a lot more technically advanced systems

Another big difference is the number of people on board. Here we have a crew of 60 continuously on board, loads more than I was used to! This demands a lot of us all in terms of cooperation. Fortunately, there’s real team spirit among us all and together we managed to set up and start this new project. And that really was one of the greatest experiences I had last year!

Do we do everything together? Naturally, we do a lot together, but I think privacy is also important at times. Fortunately, I have time and space for myself in my own cabin, where I can watch television or phone home, for example. In any case, there’s no shortage of luxury!”


“There’s no shortage of luxury”