Michel den Hartog

Testimonial: master Kroonborg

“I began my seafaring career in the merchant shipping industry in 1987. After that, I worked on shore for 17 years. Yet the sea continued to call me and I decided to go back on board. I ended up in the offshore industry with Jumbo Shipping. As a first officer, I did a lot of work on heavy-lift vessels and rock installation vessels in the subsea construction sector. In 2014, I came into contact with Frans Serne, the captain of the Kroonborg, who was looking for another first officer. Following an initial interview at the Wagenborg office in Delfzijl, things went quickly. This was entirely because I had been offered the possibility of a future role as a captain. But the main thing that prompted me to choose the Kroonborg was the opportunity of ‘starting up a new boat in a new project’.


And looking back over last year, we have been really well taken care of here: an on-duty/off-duty schedule of four weeks on and four weeks off, which makes for a stable working environment. We have a mess room that not only looks great but is also well set up to provide great meals for crews. From an operational point of view, we do not go short of anything, with a stable Internet connection, our own television set with a wide range of films, a gym and an outside telephone line for contacting family and friends. But all that is necessary as well, as Kroonborg is my office and home for four weeks!

What is the best thing I have experienced here? Actually, it’s the way the Kroonborg manoeuvres! We don’t ‘slam’ so much on the water, but cut through the waves with the special bow shape. The Voith Schneider engine also helps the boat to handle fantastically well! It also handles well at sea, even in bad weather. The offshore vessels I used to work on all had Azimuth propellers. When I compare them with the Kroonborg, the Voith engine is many times faster and ultra-comfortable! I wouldn’t want it any other way!”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way!”