Little powerhouse

Working in close cooperation with Palfinger Netherlands, VDA-Konstruktie and Gouda Geo-Equipment, Wagenborg has developed an entirely electrical compact crane on a crawler chassis, the Palfinger PK 27002-SH. The compact crane was developed in response to existing needs and market demand. Account was also taken of the requirements of Wagenborg’s clients.


The new crane has a 12.8-metre main boom, which can be extended with a fly jib to 22.2 metres. The lifting capacity is 440 kg up to 8.6 tonnes, which is significantly greater than a standard compact crane.

Thanks to its small dimensions (5.30 × 2.40 × 2.30 metres), the Palfinger PK 27002-SH is ideal for working in confined spaces.  

The crane is equipped with Palfinger’s intelligent stability control system, which enables it to select the right lifting table for itself for a certain stabiliser configuration. The maximum stabiliser width of the machine is 4986 mm. It’s interesting to note that the crane already achieves its maximum capacity with the stabilisers at 4100 mm, which is exceptionally narrow for compact cranes of this calibre.

The crane is also entirely electrically powered, meaning that it doesn’t emit any harmful exhaust gasses and so is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

The ways this compact crane can be combined with the current equipment mean that Wagenborg can respond even more effectively to the logistics challenges posed by clients.