Passing on and securing valuable knowhow

In-house rigging training

Rigging is a specialised job, and it’s a vital one if lifting operations are to be carried out safely and correctly. Wagenborg really appreciates the importance of skilled riggers and has therefore developed its own in-house rigging training programme so as to pass on and secure valuable professional knowhow. 


Theory and practice

Rigging training at Wagenborg comprises both theory and practice. The practical component involves passing on practical experience and knowhow to both novice and advanced riggers. It takes place on the Wagenborg training site, a complete simulated work location for slinging loads. This practical component focuses on safe, solution-driven, and planned cooperation. Trainees are challenged to carry out assignments jointly and are faced with the kind of complicated situations that they may encounter in actual practice.

During the theoretical component, Wagenborg’s own teaching method for slinging loads is used, prepared in accordance with the company’s stringent safety requirements. The programme includes the safe use of lifting equipment, determining payload, slinging and lifting loads, communication, use of personal protection equipment, and health and ergonomics. 

Extra time and attention

Barry Schotman – instructor and experienced crane operator – is employed by Wagenborg and guides the participants during the programme. An evaluation session takes place after the end of the programme at which the participants receive feedback on their strengths and on the points that they need to improve. 

The in-house rigging programme supplements training in Safe Moving of Loads, which is the entry level for learner riggers at Wagenborg. Wagenborg spends extra time and attention on the personnel who work “under the hook” so as to ensure optimum coordination between the operator and the rigger.

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