Royal Smit Transformers

Together on the way to a sustainable future

The Dutch government wants the country to have an entirely sustainable energy supply by 2050. The first step is to ensure an increase to 14% renewable energy by 2020, which is quite a forward-thinking objective. Royal SMIT Transformers B.V. is ready to make a positive contribution to that sustainability objective, and is making the necessary efforts.

Royal Smit Transformers (part of the SGB-SMIT Group) engineers, produces, and installs large power transformers. It’s a sound global player that is doing well in a competitive market. The company produces transformers with the highest load, up to no less than 800kV/1200MVA (MW). For many years, one of the firms it’s called in to transport the transformers has been Wagenborg. 

In conversation with Niek Vehreschild, Transport Manager for Royal Smit Transformers about the collaboration with Royal Wagenborg.


“Safety and quality are priorities for us, the same as they are for Wagenborg. It’s something we have in common. ”

Fit For Future
Niek Vehreschild, Transport Manager at Royal Smit Transformers, explains: “We don’t produce energy ourselves, but we certainly make a major contribution to the generation of renewable energy. Besides heavy-load transformers, we also design and manufacture highly innovative shunt reactors, which make it possible to absorb fluctuations within renewable energy networks. Our shunt reactors have a special type of ‘gapped’ core, which makes manufacture significantly more efficient.” 

Mr Vehreschild’s answer is very clear when he’s asked whether the company expects increased demand for shunt reactors of this type: “Definitely! There’s increased demand for alternative energy sources, especially within the EU, such as wind and solar energy, and that also increases demand for this type of reactor. Innovative technology and efficient production methods mean we can meet that growing demand,” he adds. “But it’s not just with our shunt reactors that we’re contributing to the sustainable provision of energy. Sustainability also plays an important role in the manufacture of all our products. For example, we mainly opt for reusable materials and we pay a great deal of attention to minimising energy losses. All this is in line with the EU’s EcoDesign Directive.”

Collaboration between Royal Smit and Wagenborg
Niek Vehreschild has this to say about the collaboration between Royal Smit Transformers and Wagenborg: “Our transformers have a transport weight ranging from 80 tonnes to as much as 350 tonnes. It’s very important that they’re transported properly and safely. Safety and quality are priorities for us, the same as they are for Wagenborg. It’s something we have in common. Wagenborg has top-class work planning and engineering departments, and knowledgeable and experienced staff. All that means it can make a positive contribution to implementing our projects effectively and safely. It also means that Wagenborg can help us avoid failure costs, which ultimately means a financial benefit.”