Tailor-made logistics

for the Pipe-in-Pipe project

Recently Royal Wagenborg has executed the entire logistic chain of the Pipe-in-Pipe project for NAM. This project is typically a project for Wagenborg at its strongest: offering a complete logistic concept for a client. With modalities that fit perfectly to ease the client to the full satisfaction of NAM.

Tailor-made logistics

This spring the m.v. Warnow Star delivered 261 reels from Houston and Baltimore in Eemshaven on which the new flexible piping was flushed. After unloading the reels at the Wagenborg terminal, the reels could be trucked to their final destination. To this end, Wagenborg has deployed several semi-trailers and trailers. Full reels were delivered at the Schoonebeker oilfield and empty reels were returned to Eemshaven. In a few months the entire pipe track was at the place of destination.

Subsequently the empty reels could be shipped back to Houston. For this purpose has Wagenborg deployed her m.v. Tiberborg, a vessel with a cargo capacity of 19,500 tonnes of dry cargo. Besides 253 empty reels, also eight full reel, 5 reel carts, five deckhands and two 20-foot containers were loaded. Nice detail of the trip: the m.v. Tiberborg also loaded silicon carbide of ESD for the Americas, resulting in a vessel carrying only northern Dutch products on this voyage.


Pipe-in-Pipe in ‘Schoobeker oilfield’

Under Schoonebeek lies the largest oil reservoir in continental Western Europe. Until 1996 NAM produced approximately 250 million barrels of the total one billion m3 of petroleum. New techniques such as steam injection, enable an on-going production. In this extraction technique steam is injected into the field. After separating the oil and water, the salty water is returned in empty gas fields through an underground pipe. In spite of regular inspection, a leak was discovered by bacterial growth in this pipe, causing the salt water to come to the surface.


NAM has begun to repair the 48 km long pipeline through a ‘pipe-in-pipe method, in which a flexible, corrosion-resistant plastic pipe is inserted into the existing pipe.

Pipe in Pipe technology