Barry Schotman

Crane operator

“I joined Wagenborg in 2000 as a tower crane operator. My current job is a combination of foreman and instructor for training/refresher training for lifting supervisors. I’ve been an instructor for about 4 years now. I think it’s great to share my accumulated knowhow with others. That way we all get better.

But it’s not just at work that I strive for precision and perfection. My hobby is building scale models of complex objects like windmills, mobile cranes, and trucks. I use mainly wood for 95% of my models and I build them without any kits or blueprints. My more recent models are even radio controlled. Building them encourages me to be creative.

How did it start? Ten years ago, I built a wooden RC speedboat, followed by another one but with more details. Then the wife of one of my friends had a daughter, so I decided to build a doll’s house for her. Since then I’ve gone from project to project, each involving a new challenge. You can see my projects on my website. Perhaps you’ll start building wooden models too!” 

Aged 43, lives with his partner Marlies
two (step)daughters: Iris and Claudia
Personal challenge:
To carry out my work perfectly every day, so that every client is satisfied with the professionalism that Wagenborg provides. I also think it’s important to continue my personal development and to always keep learning.