Fleet’s latest acquisition named after founder

New “Egbert Wagenborg” flagship on fleet list for third time

For the third time in 67 years, a vessel on our fleet list has been given the name of the company’s founder, Egbert Wagenborg.

1950: ‘Egbert Wagenborg’ (1)

In 1950, E. Wagenborg’s N.V. added three new vessels to its fleet, including the flagship named after the founder of the company, the Egbert Wagenborg. As the management put it at the time: “Words aren’t enough to express our feelings about that name. Insiders will know what we mean and we’ll therefore just say that it makes us happy and proud to see both the name ‘Egbert Wagenborg’ and the company flag on the bow of the ship.” The power for that shelter decker came from a 2-tact 6 cylinder Sulzer engine, generating 600 hp. The vessel, of approximately 785 tonnes, was built by the Terneuzen Shipyard Company and measured 64.22m x 9.56m. 
That first Egbert Wagenborg operated for sixteen years with the company’s flag on the mast until in 1966 she was sold on to Italy, where the new owner rechristened her “Franco Pieraccini”, with the homeport of Savona.

1998: ‘Egbert Wagenborg’ (2)

In 1998, Wagenborg grandly celebrated its hundredth anniversary during the DelfSail maritime festival. Just like the second-generation management fifty years earlier, today’s fourth-generation directors also decided to name a new ship after “granddad” Egbert Wagenborg. On 3 July 1998, as the festive highlight of the centennial celebration and in the presence of numerous guests and special invitees, the ship was christened by the wives of the third generation of management, Sina Wagenborg-de Boer, Glee Vuursteen-Rosén, and Fea Wagenborg-ter Horst. 
 As the fifth in a major series of multi-purpose carriers, this new Egbert Wagenborg (134.56m x 16.53m) had been launched on 16 April 1998 at Bijlsma Shipyard BV in Lemmer.
The Wagenborg flag hung from the mast of this new flagship for almost fourteen years until she was sold to a Russian company on 6 July 2012, which renamed the 9150 tdw ship “Kunashir”.

2017: ‘Egbert Wagenborg’ (3)

Like the first Wagenborg vessel that left the Niestern slipway almost a hundred and thirty years before, another Wagenborg ship was launched at Niestern’s yard on 9 February of this year. This ice-strengthened EasyMax-type multi-purpose vessel has also been taken into service as the Egbert Wagenborg. With a length of 150m and a beam of 15.90m, she is the biggest ship ever built in the north of the Netherlands on the landward side of the dikes. 

The motto of marine architects is “the only constant is change”, and that is also apparent from new types of vessels such as the latest Egbert Wagenborg. The power comes from a 2999 kW MaK 6M32 main engine and the load capacity is more than 14,000 tonnes. One of the most important features of this new type of vessel is that it can transport a maximum load tonnage with minimum fuel consumption. It is also designed for transporting project cargo such as wind turbines and loads with extreme dimensions.

67 years of shipbuilding innovation

Year 1950 1998 2017
Cargo intake 596 8.300 13.750
Hold capacity 61.000 420.000 625.000
Motor engine  441 kW 5.280 kW 2.999 kW
Fuel (t/d) 1,8 12,8 8,0
Eco speed (kn) 10,5 12,4 11,5
Fuel related costs (kt/mile/€) € 5,99 € 1,52 € 0,66


A comparison between the Egbert Wagenborg (2) and the Egbert Wagenborg (3)
A comparison between the Egbert Wagenborg (2) and the Egbert Wagenborg (3)