Attention to safety awareness

Dealing with risks in the workplace in a conscious and responsible manner, increases safety in the workplace. The risk of accidents occurring is small when employees act consciously and observe the safety rules- and regulations. The safety objective for Wagenborg Nedlift is zero accidents. Wagenborg Nedlift contributes in different ways in reaching this goal, like structurally organizing toolbox meetings, inspections of the workplace and the Safety Awareness Programme.

Safety Awareness programme

Wagenborg Nedlift’ s Safety Awareness Programme consists of a poster campaign, safety breakfasts with a specific safety theme and an annual study regarding the safety culture within the organization. All the different parts of the programme are aimed at increasing safety awareness of the employee. By getting and keeping an insight in the employee’s level of safety awareness and increasing this where possible, a contribution can be made in reaching the safety objective in a positive way.

Safety awareness

Recently, for the third year in a row, a study was done to check the safety awareness of the average employee working for Wagenborg Nedlift. The study, executed anonymously and on voluntary basis, done by means of a safety questionnaire, reveals that Wagenborg Nedlift employees have a high safety awareness. A positive outcome, forming the foundation for working safely.

Theme – job satisfaction

Every year a specific theme is included in the safety questionnaire. In the last study the theme was “job satisfaction” to get an insight to what extent employees are enjoying their work and working for Wagenborg Nedlift. The outcome of the study was very positive. A total of 87% of the employees participating in the study, indicate that they are enjoying doing their job and 79% are proud to work for Wagenborg Nedlift.

“In 2017, the theme for the safety questionnaire will be “learning from incidents”.”


+          high safety awareness

+          having enough time, means and people at one’s disposal to be able to work safely

+          safety regulations and procedures are necessary to be able to work in a safe manner and are workable

+          job satisfaction: 87%

+          proud to work for Wagenborg Nedlift: 79%