Wagenborg at its best

Gripper frame from Genemuiden to IJmuiden

The generation of renewable energy is a much discussed topic and wind turbines are springing up all over the place. Installing them, however, is a highly specialised job, especially out at sea. 

Doing so requires special equipment, such as the pile gripper frame. This has been designed to guide monopiles from a ship during installation of a wind turbine out at sea. Breman Machinery BV in Genemuiden was commissioned by Van Oord to construct a frame weighing no less than 375 tonnes. Wagenborg undertook the job of transporting this colossus from Genemuiden to IJmuiden. 

The frame was moved out of the construction hall with the aid of 18-axle self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs). After crossing the dike, the RoRo operation could start and the frame was expertly loaded onto Wagenborg Barge 1. Wagenborg’s Waterpoort and Waterlelie tugs then took it to IJmuiden. On arrival, it was again unloaded with the aid of SPMTs. It was a colourful and impressive spectacle