News in brief

Aragonborg meets Arubaborg in Panama Canal

Recently the Panama Canal was crowded with several Wagenborg vessels. The m.v. Aragonborg and m.v. Arubaborg met at the Gatun Locks while simultaneously transiting the Panama Canal westbound.

The m.v. Aragonborg is sailing from the Swedish port of Uddevalla to Port Alma, Australia. The m.v. Arubaborg is on her way to Manzanillo on the west coast of Mexico to deliver several yaughts. After both vessels left the locks, the m.v. Avonborg is expected to enter the Panama Canal eastbound from China to the St. Lawrence.

Wagenborg places new silos for Holland Malt Eemshaven

Holland Malt, located in Eemshaven (the Netherlands), is expanding. The malt house mainly produces pilsner malt. Holland Malt decided to expand her production capacity due to growing demand. For this purpose, Wagenborg positioned the first parts of the new silos.

These components are part of two new storage silos, both measuring 52 meters in height. Company Iemants Staalcontructies NV commissioned Wagenborg to transport and position the parts, weighing up to 44 tonnes each. Wagenborg deployed heavy transport tractors and conventional trailers to perform this transport. To position the parts, Wagenborg deployed various equipment, like for instance mobile telescopic cranes able to lift up to 700 tonnes.  

Blades unloaded in Wieringerwerf

Wagenborg unloaded a windmill blade in Wieringerwerf (the Netherlands) with a tandem lift operation. Wagenborg was hired by Bolk Transport B.V. to unload this blade, measuring 68 meters and weighing 25 tonnes. One week earlier, a similar blade had been transshipped at the same location. 

The blades were expertly transshipped upon a Bolk trailer by a 100 and 130 tonnes mobile telescopic crane. Hereafter, the blades were transported to and unloaded next to the facilities of ‘Kenniscentrum WMC’ in Wieringerwerf. Thanks to smooth cooperation and good communication, this job is successfully completed.

Wagenborg delivers several Terex® Gottwald mobile harbour cranes

Wagenborg Shipping deals with a wide range of ‘dry cargo’. Wagenborg is particularly specialized in forestry products, including timber, paper and cellulose, steel products, including plates, rolls and rails and project cargo, such as wind mills, pipes and Terex cranes.

The Wagenborg fleet consists of approximately 170 vessels owned by Wagenborg and captain owners and is modern and environmentally friendly, whilst our capacity ranges from 2,000-23,000 tonnes. With this diversity in size and tonnage Wagenborg can guarantee just-in-time deliveries for nearly every cargo. This year Wagenborg already shipped numerous different Terex® Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes to several European ports, such as Sundsvall, Southampton, Livorno and Genoa. This last shipment was executed by the m.v. Zeeland, which was loaded in Schiedam (the Netherlands) for Genoa (Italy).

A spectacular jpb: hooked by 14 cranes!

Wagenborg pulled two pipes underneath the ‘Twentekanaal’, using 14 mobile telescopic cranes. These transport pipes (supply and outlet), measuring 410 meters each, are destined for the heating network Hengelo. This network will heat houses and companies in a sustainable way. The water flowing through the pipes comes from AkzoNobel in Hengelo.

The operations started early morning. The mobile cranes lifted the pipes up to a level of 5 meters, in order to pull the pipes through the hole underneath the canal at an exact angle. The pipes were pulled underneath the canal with a speed of 100 meters per hour.

Due to smooth cooperation and excellent communication, this special job was performed to the full satisfaction of all parties involved. 

St. Lawrence Rivier crowded

Recently it was very busy on the St. Lawrence River in Canada with Wagenborg vessels. Several Wagenborg vessels were calling the port of Baie Comeau at the same period.

M.v. “Azoresborg” is loading paper for the Caribbean, the “Thamesborg” is preparing her holds to load aluminium, the “Taagborg” is also loading aluminium and the “Amstelborg” at anchorage is waiting for a berth to discharge anodes from China. Besides these vessels, the m.v. “Alaskaborg” is also on her way to  Baie Comeau to load paper for Brazil and the “Tiberborg” is on her way to Port-Alfred, a few miles ahead of Baie Comeau. Finally the “Eeborg” and the “Fuldaborg” just left the St. Lawrence River for Europe. The “Eeborg” set direction to Ireland from Montreal and the “Fuldaborg” is heading to Tilbury from Quebec.

Wagenborg starts crew tender service

Wagenborg is starting crew tender services with the offshore crew tender Waterlines from the Eemshaven, the Netherlands. 

The 2012 built vessel is of the Light ship – fast crew boat type Dutch registered with call sign PCRM and homeport Delfzijl. She has a length of 19.40 mtrs a beam of 7.00 mtrs and a depth of 3.50 mtrs. The two MTU 8V2000M72 main engines have a total output of 1,440 kW (1,920 hp). Her service speed is 24.7 knots.

New steam turbine generator positioned in Moerdijk

Wagenborg positioned a new 123 MW steam turbine-generator set at the waste-to-energy plant in Moerdijk (the Netherlands). Wagenborg also transported the set to the plant. Wagenborg transported the turbine and generator of each 160 tonnes on site. Wagenborg deployed a 400 tonnes and 500 tonnes mobile telescopic crane to lift both sections up to a 14 meter high platform. The turbine was positioned onto its foundation using an advanced hydraulic lifting gantry. Wagenborg also placed the generator onto foundation using a lifting gantry. The condenser, weighing 98 tonnes, was lifted and skidded inside by skidding equipment. As soon as the condenser was transferred inside, Wagenborg craftsmen carefully jacked down the condenser onto its foundation.

The building operations will continue until the end of 2017.

Remlingrader brug positioned in Wuppertal

 Wagenborg positioned the Remlingrader bridge in Wuppertal, Germany. Many people witnessed this event. To position the bridge, weighing almost 50 tonnes, Wagenborg deployed a 500 ton mobile crane.
As soon as all preparations were made and the stability of the surface was checked, it was time to position the crane and to start the lifting operation. After 6 PM, the bridge was successfully positioned onto foundation.

Tug boat Wild Maa launced

Wagenborg launched “Wild Maa”, a tugboat weighing 253 tonnes. with a spectacular tandem lift. 
Prior to the tandem lift, Wagenborg transferred the tug, measuring 29 meters in length and 10,3 meters in width, from the construction hall to the quay using 14 axle lines conventional trailers. At the quay, two 700 ton mobile cranes lifted the tugboat from the conventional trailers and carefully positioned the boat in the water, the ‘Oude Winschoterdiep’.

Turret from Genemuiden to Amsterdam

Wagenborg successfully transported a turret, weighing 250 tonnes, from the Breman Machinery site in Genemuiden to Amsterdam (the Netherlands). 

The project was divided into two phases. First, Wagenborg transported the turret from the factory hall of Breman Machinery to the quay, located at the front of the plant with 2 x 8 axle-lines SPMT’s (Self Propelled Modular Transporters). While Wagenborg started the Ro-Ro operation to load the turret onto the pontoon, Breman Machinery transported the rail support to the quay. As soon as the turret was safely positioned on board, Wagenborg loaded the rail support, weighing 70 tonnes, on board as well. After some supporting equipment was lifted onto the pontoon and all loading was secured as planned, the second phase of this project took place in the evening: the water transport to Amsterdam.

From Amsterdam, the turret will continue her journey to her final destination: Nigeria.

Boarding drill NATO Shipping Centre on m.s. Schieborg

The NATO Shipping Centre performed a successful boarding drill on board of the m.v. Schieborg.

All participating vessels and their staffs had nothing but praise for the cooperation of the Schieborg and her crew. Wagenborg is pleased to make a contribution to these kind of exercises, with which the NATO Shipping Centre is able to train their boarding teams, helicopter crews and staff in the most realistic situation possible.

New Schillerstrassen Brücke in Münster positioned

Wagenborg placed the new bridge over the Dortmund-Ems Canal in Münster, Germany. Earlier, Wagenborg transported and placed the temporary bicycle bridge.

The new steel construction bridge is weighing 420 tonnes. At the quayside a team of Wagenborg specialists lifted the new bridge from supports up to 430 centimeters height by a jacking operation. Hereafter, the bridge was carefully loaded onto pontoon by 2 x 16 axle-lines SPMT’s (Self Propelled Modular Transporters). This operation took one day. After the RoRo operation, the brand new bridge was shipped to its final destination. Upon arrival it was expertly placed and installed onto the abutments, after being turned 3 times 90 degrees. The bridge will be open for traffic by March, 2017.

Stationsbrug Franeker positioned succesfully

Recently Wagenborg succesfully performed a challenging project: weighing, loading, transporting and positioning several bridge parts of the new Stationbridge in Franeker (the Netherlands).
First the transport and lifting activities were performed for the movable parts of the bridge. For this job, Wagenborg deployed her 200 tons mobile crane. Wagenborg transported and positioned the tower (35 tonnes), the balance (230 tonnes) and the bridge deck (81 tonnes).
After weighing, the parts have been loaded by Wagenborg’s 300 tonnes sheerleg Triton. For the water transport, Wagenborg used two tugboats and two pontoons (tugs: Waterlelie and Waterpoort, pontoons: Wagenborg Barge 3 and DH4). 

Due to lack of space, Wagenborg developed an alternative lifting solution: a combined water-land based lifting operation performed by the sheerleg and crawler crane. With this combination of sheerleg and crawler crane the towers, balance and bridge decks were positioned safe and succesfully.

Wagenborg contributes to renewable power Killala plant

Mayo Renewable Power (MRP) is building a renewable power plant in Killala, Ireland. Wagenborg transported the power train on site for this new plant and positioned the elements at their foundation by means of a 8/axle modualr trailer, a 500 tonnes lifting gantry, a 200-tonnes and a 55-tonnes mobile crane.

Oil tanks Chemical Park Delfzijl positioned

Wagenborg positioned 4 enormous oil tanks at Chemical Park Delfzijl (the Netherlands). The day before, Wagenborg first transshipped the tanks (measuring 14 meters in height, 14 meters in diameter and weighing 48 tonnes each) onto a pontoon in order to be transported to Chemical Park Delfzijl. 

Upon arrival, the tanks were lifted one by one and transshipped onto conventional trailers. The tanks had to cross a railway track, a cable duct and an embankment. After the tanks were positioned onto the conventional trailers again, the last part of their journey could continue: the part inside the embankment. Upon arrival at their final destination, the tanks were positioned, one by one, onto their foundations.

Bridge Naumburg positioned

In the night of 27th to 28th of December 2016, in the dark days of December, Wagenborg positioned a steel bridge in Naumburg (Germany). The bridge, fully prefabricated next to the railway, was transported and positioned onto the abutments by 48 axle-lines in combination with a Demag SL3800 crawler crane.

At midnight, the electrical circuit was put out in order to commence with the operation. Since there was only a small window of opportunity, the next train would pass at 5 AM early morning so this job was rather challenging. In order to position the bridge at the right height, Wagenborg placed the bridge onto high supports on the SPMT’s. Thanks to perfect communication between the crane operator and SPMT operators, this giant was positioned onto the abutments, as planned and in time.