Sitech Services

Advanced within the processing industry

Sitech Services is an expert in site- and manufacturing services within the processing industry. In this matter, Sitech is responsible for the complete maintenance spectrum regarding industrial plants: from problem analysis to scope, from planning to realisation and securing. Furthermore, Sitech provides assistance with permit application and/or crisis management. Sitech is a valuable partner to various plants and ultimately, as a pro-active thinker, aims to operate together at a higher level.

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Wagenborg has been a partner to Sitech Services since 2014 and has been carrying out projects in that capacity at the plants of several enterprises at the Chemelot premises in Geleen: ranging from project management, engineering and assembly to horizontal and vertical transport. Wagenborg has its own establishment at the Chemelot premises in order to deploy its services as flexible as possible. What developments to we currently see within the processing industry and how does Sitech Services respond? Wagenborg joined the conversation with Sitech at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, an incubator and centre of excellence for research and innovation in smart and sustainable applications and materials for the chemical industry.

Sitech revolutionairy in predictive maintenance

Marco Biermans, Contract Manager Technical Services, reports: “The processing industry is relatively reserved. People are generally not too keen on changes. Regardless, developments in other lines of work are currently progressing especially swift. We try to incorporate these developments into our industry. I dare say Sitech is a leader in the relatively conventional world of the processing industry. Take our ‘Asset Health Centre’, for example. Here we monitor the data from our clients’ industrial plants. For instance, this allows us to detect when a heat exchanger starts to become polluted. We can respond accordingly with our planning and maintenance”, Biermans continues. “This is what we call predictive maintenance: we can predict when failures are imminent. It is different from preventive maintenance, where maintenance is performed in advance. Predictive maintenance management allows us to schedule the maintenance cycles according to the data outcomes.”, Ruben Juntjens, Business Unit Manager Analytics Technical Services, adds. “With his innovation we can mean a lot to plant owners”, Biermans continues, “For instance, when the data indicates that early maintenance is needed it is possible to act efficiently and thus prevent a lengthy downtime.”

Efficient partnerships are profitable

Just as Wagenborg, Sitech values strong collaborations and partnerships with its contractors. “We can cooperate smarter and more efficiently by using dual sourcing, guidance through KPI’s and exchanging knowledge and innovation. A positive outcome of this is a lowering of the TCO, Total Cost of Ownership”, Ruben illustrates. “Wagenborg and Sitech are equal partners who both value trust in their partnership”, Frank Schiffer, Maintenance Manager Shop Fibrant, explains. “Wagenborg contributes to our ideas and provides refreshing insights that help save time and money, without losing sight of safety.” 

About Sitech Services

Sitech Services’ head office is located at the Chemelot site in Geleen, where Sitech’s activities
are centralised. Together with Park Services for all plants at this location, Sitech offers all essential support services for the plants of DSM, OCI Nitrogen, Lanxess and Borealis. Sitech’s services can be generally divided into manufacturing services on the one hand and park services on the other. With its manufacturing services, Sitech assists its processing industry clients by making sure their plants are functioning as efficiently and to the best of their ability as possible. With its park services Sitech provides several location based services at Chemelot in Geleen, such as fire services, security, wastewater treatment and infrastructure.