Holland Malt’s capacity at Eemshaven doubled

Beer consumption is increasing worldwide. That growing market means there is also more demand for pils malt. Holland Malt is responding to this development by expanding its malting plant at Eemshaven with two enormous modern new storage silos. This will double annual malting capacity at Eemshaven from 140,000 tonnes to no less than 280,000 tonnes. 

Expansion of the Eemshaven malting plant started in mid-2016. In response to an assignment from Lemants Staalconstructies NV, Wagenborg has made a major contribution to construction of the two 52-metre-tall silos. Among other things, Wagenborg took care of transporting and installing the silo components, positioned the various components (including the roof sheeting), and took care of the entire management of the project. All in all, it was a textbook example of a total solution. Wagenborg then also installed the 50-metre-long fly-over which connects the two storage silos. 

“All in all, it was a textbook example of a total solution.”

Erik Reilman, senior project manager at Wagenborg, looks back with satisfaction on the overall project: “This has been one of the finest and largest projects I’ve been privileged to carry out in my career at Wagenborg so far. It’s been a splendid challenge, one which we carried out well together, and one that gives me a great deal of satisfaction to look back on.” 

The project is now in its final stages and the new silos will start being used in the very near future.