Bauke Noorman

Captain m.v. Oranjeborg, 36 years of service

“My name is Bauke Noorman. I’m 56 and I’m a captain in the Wagenborg fleet. I’ve been in command of the Oranjeborg for the past two years. I graduated as a mate from the Senior Nautical College in Amsterdam in July 1982, and applied for jobs at the shipping companies of the time.

Unfortunately, it turned out that no Dutch mariners were being recruited. In the meantime, I did some short-term substitute work, but that wasn’t the real thing.

So I looked up the office addresses of every shipping companies in G.J de Jong’s little booklet, put on my best suit, and got in the car. I went to several shipping companies in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Delfzijl. Wagenborg was the first one that let me in. Two hours after my visit and conversation at Wagenborg the phone rang. It was someone from the company’s personnel department, who said ‘I’ve got a nice little boat for you!’ I was to report next day on board the Delfborg in Rotterdam. That’s how my career with Wagenborg started. I’ve now been a Wagenborg captain for 26 years, and I still really enjoy it. 

“I’ve got a nice little boat for you!”

Over the years the company has grown considerably, and the size and the tonnage have also increased. We now also operate worldwide. I’ve been part of that growth, and I’ve always enjoyed working for Wagenborg. There have been a lot of great moments – too many to mention. I don’t have a favourite ship, but the Oranjeborg is a beautiful and challenging one!”