Fred Reineking

Captain, 36 years of service

“My name is Fred Reineking. I’m 55 and I’m a captain for Wagenborg. There weren’t many jobs available in the late 70s and early 80s. My father was working as a chief engineer for a different shipping company. When I was 16, he arranged via Bert Wagenborg for me to get a holiday job on board one of the company’s ships. It turned out to be the Delfborg, at that time Wagenborg’s biggest vessel. I really struck it lucky! I spent two summers as a holiday worker and then completed my nautical training. I’ve now been with Wagenborg for more than 35 years. During that time I’ve sailed on board numerous different series. I even worked for a while as a Fleet Operator in the freighting department. Despite the challenge that gave me, I missed being at sea, and the free time. After six months I went back to sea as permanent captain of the Tiberborg. Working for Wagenborg is challenging, and gives you plenty of opportunity for personal development. I really like that. You get a lot of independence and trust. And the lines of communication are short, which makes collaboration very pleasant, including with the office. The world on board has become smaller anyway because of all the new communication possibilities. Vessels are now in daily contact, whereas it used to be a question of ‘no news is good news’. 

The most spectacular thing I’ve experienced was entering Scheveningen during a force 10/11 north-westerly storm, with waves as high as houses. The pilot who we’d picked up was starting to turn green and didn’t think we’d make it in. We did make it, and there were people on the dockside applauding! 

My favourite ship is the Tiberborg. She’s a multipurpose vessel with four on-board cranes”

“I really struck it lucky!”