Peter Spoelstra

Captain, 27 years of service

“My name is Peter Spoelstra, I am 54 years old and I sail as a captain for Wagenborg. I have been with Wagenborg for more than 9 years before I came into contact with it. At that time I had a young, growing family, which is why I wanted to be closer to home and no longer sail for 4 to 6 months worldwide. In 1991 Wagenborg offered me that opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands. At that time I started as 1st mate on the Polarborg. Since 1999 I am captain and I sail on the Balticborg and Bothniaborg.

Wagenborg has a particularly dynamic working environment. The cooperation with the various departments and with domestic and foreign contacts is extremely pleasant.

It’s nice to work when you get the right tools and I’ve been doing it for years with a lot of fun. It has gradually become more business-like. Fortunately, Wagenborg has never lost sight of its roots. One of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced is sailing on the Great Lakes in the autumn, beautiful. Also beautiful are the long summer days with nice weather in the Baltic. The best thing I liked was overtaking a convoy, in the winter, that was behind an icebreaker. Not always successful, but it is enjoyment if it succeeds. The Balticborg and the Bothniaborg are my favorite ships, because they are still monstrously good seagoing vessels.”

“They are monstrously good ships!”