Dear reader

120 Years Wagenborg

Again we reach a milestone – and we don’t intend letting it just pass by unnoticed. It’s now 120 years since my great-grandfather Egbert Wagenborg settled down ashore and started his company “E. Wagenborg shipping agent Delfzijl”. In this special number of Times, we look back at the events, the ships, and – most importantly – the people who have contributed to the Wagenborg story.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we also take account, of course, of the challenges we face in some industries today. This reminds us of the cyclical nature of the transport sector, because we have seen similar times before. But then, as now, as a family business we managed to weather the storm by diversifying our logistics services.

But there are certainly also markets that offer opportunities – for example, a cautious recovery in dry bulk shipping and developments in offshore wind, sectors for which we have recently been able to carry out some exciting journeys and projects. The pursuit of sustainable energy and green solutions continues to grow in this area. We have answered this call with super-efficient cargo ships such as the Egbert Wagenborg or our “walk-to-work” concept in the offshore industry.

Our ice navigation knowhow is also doing very well, with our shipping branch reaping the benefits. Last year we received our first Polar Certificate and made several journeys north of the Arctic Circle. 

Challenging times also serve to remind us that our industry demands constant innovation. As always, Wagenborg looks ahead to developments such as ballast water management systems, and we take the time to constantly develop our portfolio of maritime services.

A lot has happened over the past 120 years and the maritime industry has undergone a number of profound changes. Companies will have to renew themselves at an ever-increasing pace. The speed with which our environment and markets are changing is increasing, technological developments are accelerating and customers expect Wagenborg to have a suitable answer. Our Wagenborg principles fit seamlessly in this changing environment: listening to what our customers have to say and responding flexibly to their needs. This way we will build a healthy and prosperous future in which Wagenborg continues to offer reliable solutions. All this by involved and motivated employees who work with craftsmanship and pride for our company and its customers.

I hope you enjoy this number of times.

Egbert Vuursteen