Sailing safely

Being a sailor is a dream for many people. However, at sea you have to rely on yourself and your fellow sailors. A ship’s crew must therefore get sufficient training about safety. For Wagenborg, this goes beyond legally obliged training and education.

Life-long learning at sea”, is how Training & Education manager Maarten ten Wolde of Wagenborg Shipping describes that. “Of  course, Wagenborg only uses certified employees, but experience shows that training courses in different countries and continents have different levels. All our seafarers possess the STCW certificate, an international agreement about the minimum requirements that seafarers on merchant vessels have to have to satisfy with regard to training, certification and watch duties”, says Ten Wolde. “But you can still see differences in the interpretation of the standard, and that’s why we do more than the mandatory requirements. We have got our  own training policy and our partner G4S works on this together with us and is in charge of the implementation.” Ten Wolde continues: “That works very independently. Our captains know precisely when they have to do a mandatory training. In such a case they can contact G4S directly and plan their training times. Registrations for the extra training courses are done via me. This works really well: due to the fact that G4S works very independently I only need to monitor from a distance whether everything is going well. That saves a lot of time.” Not only Ten Wolde is enthusiastic about the training courses: “I recently received a complimentary mail from a captain: he was very satisfied with the Medical Care training. A mail like that lets you know what you’re doing it for.”