Fashion '1898'

On Thursday 15 March, Wagenborg Passenger Services launched the new company uniform and a new casual clothing brand with a marine heritage: ‘1898’. Both collections have been designed by Monique Collignon. The launching of the two collections took place at a unique location: the ferry boat ‘Oerd’ was transformed into a floating catwalk especially for this occasion.

The unique co-operation between Wagenborg Passenger Services and Monique Collignon came about as a result of the ambition to underline the provision of service to the passengers both on board and in the terminals and to give the employees a unique company outfit. Wagenborg Passenger Services places a lot of emphasis on synergy of tourism, culture, nature and commercial services with initiatives such as the Wagenborg Plaza in Holwerd and Lauwersoog, a departure terminal with shops and exhibition area where the passengers can already start their holidays with high quality services and experience.

Monique Collignon has already designed haute couture for more than 14 years now and in December 2011 she designed the MC Couture Light collection: a unique and trendy initiative based on the vision of making design available for all women. ‘1898’ was a very special assignment for Monique because of her long-standing love of the Wadden islands. The tough and rugged character of the islands together with the maritime influences of the shipping company formed the inspiration for both the company uniform and also the ‘1898’ label.