‘Rottum’ and ‘Monnik’
given a facelift

The ferry boats ‘Rottum’ and ‘Monnik’, which are used by Wagenborg Passenger Services for the ferry services from  Lauwersoog to Schiermonnikoog, have been given a facelift.

Due to the age of the ships (about 25 years old), two options were researched: replacement or renovation. Research revealed the mechanical condition of both ferry boats was still good. “Nevertheless, renovation was necessary in order to be able to respond better to current demands”, according to WPD managing director Ger van Langen.

In a technical sense, the ships are completely renovated. The double hull is replaced with another type of construction and the engine room has been fitted with new, more efficient engines. And last but not least, a completely new navigation bridge was installed.

Another major change concerns the layout of the ships. A renewal of the salons and buffet, the addition of a shop, relocation of toilets, a new air conditioning system and a different layout of the car deck makes the ferryboats a new experience for the passengers.