Wagenborg conquers the world!

Royal Wagenborg has customers and projects in all parts of the world. To keep the lines of communication short to our customers on the local markets, Royal Wagenborg has operating companies throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Last year we started more local branche offices and joint verntures in Rusland (Siberia, St. Petersburg), the United Kingdom, Dubai and China.

Wagenborg Oilfield Services in Noyabrsk, Siberia

As a part of the Wagenborg Offshore division, Wagenborg Oilfield Services is fully operational in Noyabrsk, Siberia. From its new head office in Noyabyrsk, Wagenborg Oilfield Services (WOS) provides quality services and equipment to the oil & gas industry in Russia.


The scope of services and products WOS provides to customers covers: 

  • API and Russian GOST Machine Shop (repair of rotary threaded connections);
  • Manufacturing of Crossovers from Steel Grade 4145H MOD;
  • API and DS-1 Inspection of Tools and Tool Joint Connections;
  • Drilling Jars Rental and Services;
  • Tubular Rental Services (Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe and Drill Collars);
  • 120 ton Power Swivel Rental Services with Engineering Support;
  • Handling and Hoisting Tools Rental;
  • Wedgecut® One Trip Mechanical and Hydraulic Whipstock System Sales.

In the near future, WOS is planning to extend the scope of services for the oil and gas industry even further.

Cooperation Wagenborg Nedlift and Collett & Sons Ltd.

To strengthen the position on the English market, Wagenborg Nedlift and Collett & Sons Ltd are cooperating in a joint venture. With 80 employees and over 40 years of experience Collet is, like Wagenborg, a family owned and managed company with experience over 40 years in heavy transport. With over 40 trucks and 70 trailers Collet’s fleet shows similarity to the Wagenborg Nedlift fleet. Collett also possesses modular Scheuerle Intercombi and SPMT axles. The company is also a shipbroker and an experienced project forwarder.  From Collett’s offices in Goole and Halifax, business opportunities for the newly cooperating companies will be explored.

Wagenborg Saint Petersburg Ltd.

Sometimes it is not about strategic planning, but about new opportunities and how they appear. Just like Wagenborg Saint Petersburg Ltd. After more than twenty years of experience as an independent crewing agent, operating for various clients, Vladimir Kolesnikov was convinced that business development in the Saint Petersburg area could best be implemented with the cooperation of a well-known firm or brand. For many years Wagenborg Shipping has had a strong presence in the Port of Saint Petersburg. Vladimir shared his ideas with Wagenborg.The rest is history and Wagenborg Saint Petersburg Ltd. is a fact now. Supported by the brand name of Wagenborg, the company’s goal is to increase the recruited and selected volume of professional seafarer for the existing clients, Wagenborg Shipping included. In the near future, Wagenborg Saint Petersburg will be a true extension of Wagenborg Shipping and be active in the areas of crewing, chartering, brokerage and agency activities.

Wagenborg goes Far East

As of February this year, our two trainees Sytse Sijperda and Paul Bakker are stationed in China to conduct a field research for Royal Wagenborg. Based in the representative office of Wagenborg Shipping in Shanghai, they will investigate potential business opportunities for Royal Wagenborg. Reining is seeking collaboration opportunities with Chinese partners for import logistics into Europe. For Wagenborg Projects & Logistics and Wagenborg Shipping the two trainees will investigate the potential in the Asian market.

Wagenborg goes Middle East

The Middle East region fits Wagenborg Services like a glove. Full with oil and gas and being a transport hub between Asia and Europe and the Americas, this region is still developing very rapidly. Services like Shipping, Freight forwarding, but also complex logistic projects for Oil companies and Oilfield Services, are the range of activities Wagenborg likes to spread in this region as well. After scouting for more than one year, Wagenborg decided to set up a free zone company in Dubai, Wagenborg Middle East, and depending on the projects awarded, bases may be started in Abu Dhabi, Southern Iraq, Qatar and Oman. Visited prospect and existing clients welcome the initiative of Wagenborg very much! Quality and solving client’s challenges are what is expected to be delivered! Edwin Zwart, who carried out the scouting work, will be the Director of the new company.