Europe's expert in
land rig moves

For more than 45 years, Wagenborg has moved land rigs throughout Europe. This specialist type of work is done for a large number of renowned drilling contractors. At Wagenborg, these activities are mainly performed by Wagenborg Foxdrill (assembly, disassembly and project management) and Wagenborg Nedlift (transport, cranes and logistics management). In case of transport of drilling rigs over sea the resources and knowledge of both Wagenborg Shipping  and Wagenborg Projects & Logistics are used.

Safety, quality and efficiency

In fact rig moves like these are a necessary evil for drilling contractors as the rigs are non productive during the move and no revenues are generated. Therefore the downtime has to be reduced to a minimum. In close co-operation with the customer, Wagenborg Foxdrill and Wagenborg Nedlift are able to adapt their work methods to  each particular situation so that drilling installations can be disassembled, transported, reassembled and recommissioned on the new site in the shortest possible time. Of course, safety and quality play a leading role in this. This concept offers many advantages for the drilling contractors. “It is also very important for them to know that Wagenborg has a large number of own resources which ensures a high service standard during the major steps of the rig move process”, according to Patrick Mollink, general manager of Wagenborg Foxdrill.

Design optimisation

The heaviest parts of a drilling installation are usually the mud pumps and the drawworks, which often weigh between 40 to 70 tons each. However, the crucial factor during the transport is often not the weight but the width of the parts. These days more and more components of the rigs are designed with a maximum width of three metres. As a result of this fewer transport permits are required. In the past design and construction of drilling installations was mainly focussed on the actual drilling process and less on the transport. As the reduction of down time of rigs is getting more important, the drilling contractors are using more effort in the design phase to ensure easier  assembly/disassembly, higher safety standards and more efficient transports. As a result of this ever components of the installations are now included in standard containers, which ensures that they are easier to install and to transport. As a result of this modern drilling installations can be moved much more efficiently, reductions up to 50% have been made compared to conventional ones. Naturally, this has a positive financial effect, both for our customers and for their principals too”, says Erik Maassen van den Brink, manager BU Transport at Wagenborg Nedlift.